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The Community Affiliate Pot is determined by the amount of affiliates wagering on Rainbet.com. The standard affiliate rate of .1%. What does this mean? About every $1000 wagered, there will be $2.5 added to the monthly Pot. 

 We enjoy the community and watching big hits and I didn't see anyone else do this so why not give back a large portion of the affiliate money I gain back to you guys and use the rest on developing more ways for you guys to win. Eventually I'd like to become partnered so I can give you guys even more back.

The first Wager King is the Rank 1 spot for the Monthly Wagered Amount. The second Wager King comes from the winner of the Monthly Raffle.

There's no cap to the Affiliate Pot. It can be $100,000,000 and we'll still give it out.

Currently we're figuring this out. We think it should be 70% to the Monthly Wager Battle, 20% to Wager Raffles, and 10% towards community events and growth.

Join our Discord or just Sign-Up using OUR referral code https://rainbet.com/?r=frost then you're automatically entered each month.

Each month, if you wager over $2,500, you'll be given 1 ticket. For every $500 wagered thereafter you'll receive another entry per $500. 

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